Improving your recruitment process with cutting-edge solutions based on new research into mutual motivation analysis.

Candidates Analyzed
Organizations Evaluated

The Cost of Recruitment

On average, a company spends over 52 days evaluating candidates per role.

With our solution, Interview time per successful recruitment reduced by 30% or more.

Average cost of recruitment -
over 4000$ per position.

With our solution, recruitment costs are reduced by over 35%.

Replacing a mismatched employee can cost over 15000$.

We reduce the chance for a mismatched recruitment by 60% or more.

Around 30% of employees leave a
new company in up to three years.

We retain over 70% of Intellimatch Lab recruits for over a year with high mutual satisfaction with manager.

Out of those leaving their companies, over 70% state they left because they didn’t match well with their managers.

With our tools, over 70% of managers are satisfied with their recruits after 6 months and vice versa.

Leveraging machine learning to improve user experience and provide value for both organizations and recruits.

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