About Intellimatch Lab

We are developing a suite of enterprise HR and recruitment decision support solutions

While enabling recruits to communicate, engage and assimilate into enterprises

It is our goal to provide organizations with new tools for engaging and communicating with potential employees,
transforming the usual recruitment challenge into an accurate, automated process based on two-way motivational analysis.

Our Vision

Enable a new level of matching between managers and their professional recruits, and eliminate mismatched recruitments.


We offer a personalized automated interview process and employ two-way motivational analysis to match recruits and future direct managers.

Our Technology

Our products are based on validated research and employ big data analysis, machine learning algorithms and advanced behavioral analysis tools.


We provide recruiting managers, HR representatives, agencies and enterprises with accurate, deep insight into their potential recruits.

Our platform evaluates both candidates and their future managers with experiential, data-based, constantly validated tools focused on motivation and business culture analysis, ensuring a maximum personal and professional match across verticals, ecosystems and business cultures.

For job seeking candidates, we offer intuitive, advanced recruitment bots and smart agents providing them with ongoing recruitment support.

Our incremental suite of tools emphasizes user experience and a positive recruitment experience, with friendly evaluation tools and engaging game-like activities providing intimate, fresh insight for each potential recruit.

A new kind

of matching


The Team

We have gathered a team of professionals, masters of their chosen fields, to tackle one of the toughest challenges in HR-tech.

Liat Ramati-Navon

CEO & Co-Founder
Ph.D in progress (TAU) with over 17 years of HR and organizational consultancy experience.Co-author of 'Operational Excellence: A concise guide to basic concepts and their application' (Pub. Springer).


CTO & Co-Founder
Over 20 years of marketing and business leadership and strategy for leading brands across verticals. Beyond his chosen projects, he is also an investor and a partner in multiple technological startups and digital content hubs.


Lead System Architect
System Architect and expert developer with over 8 years of leadership roles in digital ecosystems. Idan is a master of web development, content management systems, big data processing and more.

Uzi Cohen

Software & Data Engineer
A pro data engineer with over 12 years defining, developing and optimizing data processes and digital assets across environments. Experienced in information security and business solutions.


Visual Content & Animation Lead
A master of creative production, 3D art and video with over 25 years of experience. Specialized in innovative 3D animation techniques for global brands and clients.


Digital Content & Marketing Expert
A veteran marketing and content specialist with a decade of experience in content production, performance marketing, conversion optimization and digital strategy.


Almost two decades of experience in human resources and former HR director of Microsoft Israel, Efrat has an unparalleled understanding of enterprise HR requirements and value points.


Non-verbal Communication Expert
An expert in non-verbal communication with over 25 years of human resources experience. In recent years, Nirit provides organizations with guidance through changes both in startup and enterprise ecosystems.